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Adidas 3D Printed Show – Made from Ocean Plastic


Adidas and Parley have partnered up and produced a 3D printed shoe made from recycled ocean plastic.

Not a bad concept if we want to make some conscious moves towards a cleaner planet, one step at a time.

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HeLi-on – The World’s Most Compact Solar Charger


As solar power becomes a much more feasible technology designers and engineers alike are making big moves in the realm of renewables.

The HeLi-on wraps bendable solar panels into a tight form factor which can charge your devices and keep your motor running all day.

Check out the full story at Yankodesign, or support their Kickstarter campaign!




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Lenny’s Garage

Have a visit of Lenny’s Garage, where he maintains and restores 58 rare and classic cars.

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Joseph Walsh Studio


A blend of manmade and organic motifs, Joseph Walsh Studio crafts some of the most beautiful furniture around.

Full story at, and a full display of his team’s work here.




Joseph Walsh from PAU CAMARASA on Vimeo.

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Cheha’s Acrylic Lamp


Studio Cheha reimagines everyday items in some pretty cool ways.  Not the least of which is their series of lamps that create optical illusions via acrylic etching.

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3D Printed Bionic Hand


Open Bionics’ robot hand has won this years James Dyson design award, by developing a 3D printed prosthetic hand that provides amputees with a replacement limb for a fraction of the usual price.

Whilst most controllable hand prosthetics cost roughly 20-40 thousand pounds, the 3d printed device is provided for 2,000 pounds, including a fitting session.

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Primitive Building

As society advances, it seems more people are yearning for a connection to nature and simpler times.

Check the video above for some bush ingenuity.

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Patch Vaccinations: Say goodbye to the needle


Georgia Tech’s new Micro-Needle Patch vaccinates patients, doesn’t require refrigeration or trained administrators, and is completely painless.

Check out all the details right here.


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Undulating Timber Architecture


Pedro Silva is a name you should remember, because he’s the one who can turn your Dentist’s office in to the one shown above and below.



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Hyperloop Plans Coming 12th of August

Keep your eyes peeled, in a few days Elon Musk is revealing his long awaited Hyperloop plans.  Intended to revolutionise travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Musk claims the Hyperloop will get you from one hub to the other in 30 minutes.  On solar power.  For the cost of train ticket.

Rumours have been building about the proposed system, which Musk first alluded to in mid 2012, the creator of (later merged with Paypal), Tesla Motors, and SpaceX – and they’ll finally be put to rest on Monday.  The designs will be released as an open source design that will hopefully be improved upon by designers and engineers across the globe, as Musk states that he is too busy to focus on the project currently.

So watch this space.  We’ll give you more on the story as it comes.

We can only hope.

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