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HeLi-on – The World’s Most Compact Solar Charger


As solar power becomes a much more feasible technology designers and engineers alike are making big moves in the realm of renewables.

The HeLi-on wraps bendable solar panels into a tight form factor which can charge your devices and keep your motor running all day.

Check out the full story at Yankodesign, or support their Kickstarter campaign!




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Torii by Tomas Kral


Inspired by Japanese architectural techniques, Tomas Kral‘s Torii range for křehký embraces clever simplicity.

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The Spoonbox – Redesigned Dosing Spoon



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Worry Free Headphone Wire


Headphone cables tangle.  That’s just what they do.  Two seconds in the pocket and they become an unspeakable mess of ungodly knots.

This folding cord by designers Zhang Qinfu, Nan Fang, Wang Zhanfu, Zhong Hai, stiffens the cable and adds folding joints that make it impossible to tangle.


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Tesla’s Robotic Snake Charge Arm

Self-driving cars are pretty cool, but if your fully automated machine needs you to plug it in to the wall when you get home, well, the shine’s off the apple isn’t it.

Tesla Motors is currently prototyping the arm shown in the video above, that will automatically charge your car when it parks in your garage.


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Mercedes and Gran Turismo 6 – Vision of the Future

Mercedes 4

Gran Turismo 6 is set to features some pretty cool rides upon release.  The developers over at Polyphony Digital commissioned the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to design concepts cars for the game with an emphasis on the future of motoring.  The one catching the most eyes around the internet at the moment was created by Mercedes-Benz for the upcoming racing feature.

Mercedes 1

What is essentially an extreme SLS, the concept features an aluminium frame, gullwing doors (for those of you who felt gipped by its inability to fly), and a healthy dose of the carbon fiber treatment.  This beast features an AMG Biturbo Engine and eight tailpipes, to keep that 485hp engine under wraps.

Mercedes 3

The new Mercedes Benz Research Centre in Sunnyvale California will be showcasing a 1:1 scale model of their concept from this week onwards.

Mercedes 7

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