July 2015

Primitive Building

As society advances, it seems more people are yearning for a connection to nature and simpler times.

Check the video above for some bush ingenuity.

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Palette Gear, Tactile Peripherals

If you find yourself limited by just a keyboard and a mouse, check out Palette Gear for some peripheral goodness.

These external sliders, knobs, and buttons provide a whole new dimension of control for programs like Photoshop, Garage Band and other music software, and even video games.

Though they are a bit on the expensive side, they may be just what you need to push your creative limits.




Original story at Yankodesign.com

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Aperture: Adjustable Wrench


This wrench redesign from designer Jordan Steranka is next level.
Using a mechanism similar to a camera’s aperture, it can adjust to any size bolt within its minimum and maximum range.


Full story at Yankodesign.com

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TRU – Truly Beautiful Cooking


True to its heritage and to modern design, the TRU cooking pot is adaptable and attractive.

Check out the full story at Yankodesign.com

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