April 2015

Denim Sunnies


Eventually the world is going to run out of quirky materials to make sunglasses out of, but right now Mosevic is pushing the envelope by making sunnies out of denim and resin.



Full story at designboom.com

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Face Tracking + Projection Mapping = Face Hacking

Check out the collaboration between Nobumichi Asai, Horoto Kuwahara and Paul Lacroix in the video above for the most surreal uses of modern tech you will see today.

Full story at core77.com

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Levitating Flyte Lamp


The Flyte lamp uses magnetic levitation and wireless power to create just about the coolest lamp around.

Either that or magic.

Probably magic.



Full story over at Designboom.com

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Segment Chair by Sae-rom Yoon


Designed to invoke the comfort of the womb, Sae-rom Yoon’s Segment Chair looks to be the most comfortable seating option around.

Though some of the Heluva crew aren’t big fans of the chunky legs.  What are your thoughts?



Full story over at Yankodesign.com

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Kanna: No Sandpaper, No Oil, Perfect Finish Timber


For woodworkers, sandpaper is king.  But there’s a whole school of Japanese carpentry called Kanna that doesn’t use sandpaper (or oils) at all for finishing.

All they need are a diverse range of planes kept razor sharp and they can finish it equal to or better than their oily equivalents.

Full story at core77.com

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Design Education or Experience?


Check out the full story of Jory Brigham’s design journey to see how a lack of formal education can help inspire individuality in design.


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Prisoner Designed Apartment Cells


How can prisoners help designers create the ultimate space saving apartments?

Find out here.

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TIKO 3D Printer


An attractive, innovative, user friendly 3D printer that sells for $179.

Sign us up.



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Beyond standard candles


You would think that candle design is a fairly static thing, but there are a whole bunch of creative people going far beyond what you might expect for our warm, scented friends.

Check out the full story at CoolHunting.


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Buster Bulbs


Despite being outdated, inefficient, and harmful to the environment, the oldschool Edison Lightbulb has somewhat of a cool factor.

And with good reason.  It’s a classic, providing a certain sense of nostalgia and warm, glowing comfort that suits the romantic restaurant scene perfectly.

But the trend of using these bulbs for restaurant interiors can’t continue for long, it’s just not environmentally friendly.

So London based design brand, Buster and Punch, have come up with a solution.


The Buster Bulb possibly the sexiest lightbulb we’ve ever seen.  It’s also far more efficient than the Edison Bulb thanks to that fancy LED technology.

Often criticised for its clinical and harsh lighting, crafting the LED to be softer and more beautiful product is definitely a challenge.

But Buster and Punch seem to have done it, and done it right.


But style doesn’t come cheap.  A Buster Bulb will cost you around AUS $100 (plus postage from London), $250 for a bulb and pendant, and $340 for the leather light shade by itself.

Then again, you could always pick up an Edison for few bucks.

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