January 2014

1981’s New York City Subway – Photos by Christopher Morris


New York in 1981 was a different one from what you see today.  Crime was rampant, the graffiti culture was exploding, and the streets were dangerous.  Naturally the city’s subway system took the full force of New York’s seedy side, with trains caked in grime, dust, and tags upon tags upon tags.


Christopher Morris‘s collection of photographs showcase this fascinating era of a New York icon.  Go check them out over at designboom.com.


The city and its subway system have seen a significant clean up over the last thirty years, making this glimpse into its cultural past all the more fascinating.

Photos courtesy Christopher Morris, 1981

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Kawara Bench, by tsuyoshi hayashi


One of the most stylish representations of repurposed waste we’ve seen in a while, Eindhoven based  designer Tsuyoshi Hayashi has been salvaging discarded Japanese roof tiles for your sitting pleasure.


Ceramic waste is notoriously difficult to recycle, so by repurposing the pieces and maintaining their original form, Hayashi has created something beautiful and indicative of the environment it came from.


Images Courtesy of Designboom.com, 2014

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Zigzag ruler by Snežana Jeremić


This ingeniously simple ruler design by Snežana Jeremić combines the ruler, protractor, and triangle ruler to clean up your pencil case.

By employing multiple small cut outs on the back edge, two of these rulers can be used to measure all the angles you could want right now.


just push one ruler’s top corner into the other’s cut outs two create the angle you need.

Now that’s a cool design.

Images Courtesy Yanko Design, 2013

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