December 2013

McLaren Forcefields, Windscreens get an upgrade

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Keep an eye out in 2015, McLaren is set to introduce a pretty cool upgrade to their line.  Inspired by fighter jet technology, the car manufacturer purportedly intends to include electronic ‘force fields’ on their windscreens that will effectively repel rain and insects, doing away with your old squeaky friend, the windscreen wiper.

Information is limited on the tech for now, with McLaren keeping things tightly under raps in the meantime, though sources are saying that the technology could cost as little as £10.

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Paper Aeroplanes – Going for $750,000


Kickstarter has shown us once again that there is always money for fun, inexpensive products.  $744,142 to be exact.

The project, started by Industrial Designer Shai Goitein of New York, has raised far more than its intended $50,000 goal.  With over 13,000 backers hoping to get their hands on the simple product – an iPhone controlled paper aeroplane.


Over fifty prototypes culminated in the PowerUp 3.0 motor and accompanying phone application that can be used with any paper plane design you can think of.

Tilting the iPhone employs the built in accelerometer and allows users to feel their way through the air.  It’s fun, it’s simple, and it allows virtually anyone to become a miniature pilot for the day.


We’ve posted about a few Kickstarter projects in our time, but this one seems to embody the developing spirit of the fundraising site.  Simple ideas produced by well meaning creatives that allow them to bring joy to the multitudes, in this one has been an outright success.

Images courtesy of, 2013

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Nano scale machine parts, by 3d microprint


EOS and 3D Micromac have joined forces to create 3D Microprint , a company focussed on producing components for ever shrinking mechanical products.

The company is planning ahead for the next phase of nanotechnology, taking the role of parts engineer/supplier, rather than focussing on end products.


These unbelievably small components are made from metal, 3d printed and laser engraved to step in where traditional manufacturing processes fall short.

No, that is not a giant keyboard.


3D Microprint have even successfully create tiny assemblies successfully, like the chain seen above, smaller than a penny.  Employing Micro Laser Sintering (MLS) has allowed this company to push the realm of nano design as demand is set to sharply increase for parts.

Images Courtesy, 2013.

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Dutch Bamboo Chair


Combining ancient and modern techniques to meld Eastern and Western design elements, Dutch designers Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen have created ‘The Bamboo Chair’, an eco-friendly bamboo chair that will make you forget about all that pesky standing you do.


The lightweight piece features interwoven bamboo slats that together create a sustainable and beautiful chair.  The final prototype was sponsored by Dutch Design Only, the creators of some very cool Scandinavian products.

Photos Courtesy, 2013

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