July 2013

Stylish, Simple, Lifesaving – Kite Mosquito Patch

Grey Frandsen, Michelle Brown and Torrey Tayanaka of Olfactor Laboratories have developed a highly effective and affordable mosquito deterrent patch which has now become the most popular Indiegogo project to date, receiving its full funding goal of $175,000 in just 24 hours.

The patch jams the CO2 radar of mosquitos to essentially make humans invisible to them.  The technology is cheap and effective, and may have a huge impact on the effects of Malaria in countries all over the world.

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Lexus 360-Degree Carbon Fibre Loom

Head on over to Core77 and check out a video on Lexus’ new carbon fiber weaving technology.

Lexus engineers have designed a very cool new system for creating three dimensional forms from the material, one which featured significantly in their 2010 LFA concept car’s design and manufacture.

The technology is now being adapted for Lexus’ very own Lexus F Roadbike, a bicycle which embodies the same philosophy as the LFA.  For $11,000 it would have to.

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West America – Life on the Road

Bikes, adventures, facial hair, and a very cool story.

Check out the guys over at West America and follow their journey.

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Artist Collaborates with Larvae, Creates One of A Kind Sculptures

French artist Hubert Duprat works with Cadisfly Larvae to create one of a kind sculptures from gold and precious stones.

The end results are one of a kind sculptures crafted by nature.

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