March 2011

Humble paperclip

Sardine clip. Buy it as a gift from Animicausa.

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6 pack holder

On your bike. See more at Knstrct

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Rims from H plus Son

Check out more at Bencollette.

Production from H Plus Son on Vimeo.

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Penny Skateboards

I don’t know which is better, the advertising or that fact that I’m going to buy one. Penny.

PENNY AUSTRALIA from Penny Australia on Vimeo.

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Yves Behar

Check out Yves Behar’s $10 000 USD mobile.

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Too Cute

Numbats in Perth Zoo. Check out Zoo Borns.

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Beer of the Month – Hahn White

I remember my first introduction to a Belgian style wheat beer it was at The Green a friendly English pub across the road from Willesden Green station while living in London. Its cloudy appearance and hint of tropical fruits threw me at first but it was the perfect accompaniment to their chicken club sandwich on one of those mildly sunny, Sunday afternoons. I wouldn’t describe wheat beers as drinking beers by nature, they often house intense, rich, summery flavours with hints of fruit and flora aromas, but I do enjoy kicking off a session at the Brisbane German Club with an Erdinger a German style wheat beer or weissbier.

Recently though Lion Nathan under their Hahn trademark released Hahn White a Belgian style wheat beer commonly market as a white beer. Now I’ll be honest I haven’t tried it yet but what drew me to this beer was the striking branding and product delivery. The bold, modern graphic identity reflects a summer afternoon ritual as well as the hand-crafted nature of Hahn. The graphic symbol exhibits the warmth of the sun as well as a section of orange. This brings us to their idea of introducing a slice of orange (instead of the usual slice of lemon or lime) when serving. The product also introduces a screen printed, screw top wine bottle for sharing, positioning it against wines rather than beers. Together this delivers a nice holistic product of which they can be proud of, let’s hope it tastes good!

Hahn White – n/a

Blogged by Geoff Bywater of Formzoo

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21st Century Art

Haven’t been out to GoMA lately? Well, make an effort to head out there this weekend as the 21st Century Art exhibition is well worth a look. Check out more at the GoMA Blog

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The Perfect Five

Check out The Perfect Five, it’s a music blog for people who love music but have the time to search for it.

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Screw driver power

Perhaps a new form of electric transport? Check out inhabitat

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