October 2010

Beer of the Month – Hofbrau Oktoberfest

And so it is we must say good bye to the month of October again for another year. With the smell of golden roasted Pork Knuckles and the chime of thick glass steins still lingering in the air it is with much fondness we look back on the month that was. A favorite month for beer appreciators the world over, October sees one of the world’s great celebrations of beer, fun and frivolity, Oktoberfest. Although the festivities officially kick off during September, October sees the peak of amber day and night celebrations. Originally the public commemoration of the marriage of King Ludwig I and Princess Therese on October 12, 1810 the event was so successful they decided to renew it the following year and the rest is history. But what beer do you enjoy when embracing such an important celebration? Since Germany is famous for its beer the choices are many, one such choice is Hofbrau found deep in the heart of Germany, where the official Oktoberfest is held every year, Munich. Hofbrau brew a special Oktoberfest beer so those not fortunate enough to experience the debacle and frothy enthusiasm of the Hofbrau Tent at Oktoberfest Munich can enjoy it at their local celebration. Hofbrau Oktoberfest is a pale in colour, very drinkable, refreshing bitter ale with a 6.3% alcohol content. You can find it a most good bottle shops but one of the best places to enjoy it is still one of Brisbane’s best keep secrets the Brisbane German Club. The variety of beers they have available will floor you long before the beer does (thank goodness for the German purity laws) and the cheap meals of Bratwurst, Kransky, Schnitzel and of course Pork Knuckle easily satisfy a beer driven hunger. Prost.

Hofbrau Oktoberfest – Rating 3.5/ 5



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Blakroc video diaries

Great set of behind the scenes videos on the creation of the Blakroc record.

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Great Signage

Buro North recently won an AGDA award for their way-finding signage. Read more at Core 77.

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Tiny curtain

This would be as annoying as hell to work with, going off in the background. Super interesting how passers by interact with it.

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Can’t find you mobile?

Ever have that situation where you can’t find your phone, well internet to the rescue. Check out I can’t find my phone

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World’s largest gummy worm

Wow, this is instant. I can imagine it comes with a health warning.

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NCS Colour scan 2.0

I didn’t even know this sort of thing existed. Just scan and figure out what colour you are dealing with. Read in-depth write up at Cool hunting.

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Marshall about to drop

21 days remain before Marshall release there much anticipated headphones.

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Installation art

Great bit of installation art. Check it Mmarsupilami

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Cardboard helmet

Typically bicycle helmets are made from Polystyrene not Anirudha Rao cardboard helmet.

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