A collective consciousness of multidisciplinary designers


  • Industrial Design
  • Graphics/Web/Branding
  • Supply Chain Sourcing
  • Prototyping

Industrial Design
Heluva prides itself on its industrial design foundations. Established by Steve Barry and Leo Yip in 2008, Heluva designs and develops products where it sees an application for redesign or when necessity beckons. The team at Heluva draw inspiration from history, futurists, nature and the sciences. Where appropriate, Heluva designs dodge convention, seek originality and embrace new technology whilst maintaining maximum design functionality and aesthetics for their clients.

Having successfully released a number of self-initiated and
self-funded projects, Heluva is multi versed in branding, web design, online sales, online marketing and social media drives. We believe our clients benefit from our unified holistic approach to multimedia design and branding, creating strong brand presence, business consistency and consumer loyalty.

Manufacturing Management
Heluva’s product design background has allowed it to establish relationships with manufacturing suppliers in Australia, Hong Kong, Southern and Northern China. Placing an emphasis on quality lead manufacturing, Heluva’s suppliers range from packaging, plastic injection molding, die casting, laser cutting, cut and sew, leather goods and many more. Our offices in Hong Kong and Brisbane both employ Mandarin and Cantonese speaking staff, meaning we’re able to effectively communicate, source, supply and ship.

Sharing a premises with its sister business Ellaspede, Heluva has access and capabilities to produce varying functional prototypes. Concepts can be transformed into physical form using a combination of 3D printing, CNC machining, fitting and turning, hand fabrication and technical cut and sew. Heluva is also able to complete prototypes with postproduction finishes such as powder coating and 2 pak painting.

  • Blood/Sweat/Cheers
With all journeys into the unknown there are hurdles and obstacles that need to be overcome. Heluva welcomes challenges as they make success that much sweeter. Let us know if we can come on your journey with you.

All creation begins with information,
let Heluva be your catalyst for knowledge.

– The Design Team

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